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Accommodation - A Key Factor

The accommodation centre is a key component of a successful residential school trip. Each school will have a different view of the most important factors for their own visit: Location, facilities, size, number of beds per room, en-suite facilities will all occupy different points on the priority scale depending on the aims - and budget - of the tour. There are some factors, of course, which cannot be compromised - safety, security and the cooperation of the local management.

We carefully select residential centres to offer schools a comfortable base for their visit to France. Nearly all provide dedicated accommodation for educational tours and youth groups. Many of the venues are owned or operated by governmental, municipal or not-for-profit and educational organisations. Others form part of the extensive French youth hostel network or are small commercial enterprises. With our vast range of contacts in France, we can also resource hotels and large gîte-style accommodation when requested or appropriate for the age group and budget.

Safety First

On a very basic level, all the residential centres we use for our visiting schools have the full accreditation and safety certificates required by French Law for providing accommodation to minors. Indeed, many are purpose-built or adapted to host school-age groups and furthermore must pass Euroculture's own high standard quality and safety inspections.

Our team checks suitability of each site for each group and notes the grounds, public access, entrances and immediate surroundings. We check that adequate precautions are taken to prevent emergencies and that appropriate arrangements are in place in the event that one occurs - for example out-of-hours staffing, emergency lighting, fire exits, signage etc. Internally, types of window locks and catches, corridor lighting, as well as general kitchen and washroom hygiene standards are also subject to our scrutiny.

Something For Everyone

You can view details of each of the residential centres we currently recommend by choosing your desired location from the drop-down list below. We are adding new locations all the time so if you can't find exactly what you want we will work with you to the most suitable accommodation for your visit, wherever you want to go. So, if you wish to travel to Lyon, Bordeaux, Aix-en-Provence or the French Alps, or somewhere else not presently listed on our site, we are awaiting your call.



You can let us know what you are looking for by completing our Web Enquiry form. If you already know exactly what you want, please request a quotation from us by submitting our Booking Enquiry Form.





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