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Secondary School Trips to France

School Trips to France - Rewards That Can Last a Lifetime!

Every year, UK secondary school children in their many thousands embark on the customary and much-cherished overseas school trip. Many of those children may already be experienced travellers abroad on family holidays, but there is something special about the excitement that setting off with a group of peers on an overseas adventure can generate.

Cautious advice may claim that overseas school trips are expensive and unnecessary with sufficient activities available closer to home. Here at Euroculture, we agree that any school trip must 'add value' and should not be a replication of an activity that can be undertaken more easily without travelling. We are also confident that the itineraries we produce in conjunction with teachers meet the most demanding criteria, producing positive and memorable outcomes that can last a lifetime.

School trips abroad offer a wide range of benefits to pupils of all ages, giving them the chance to sample life in another country with different food, language and culture. Teachers themselves can take huge satisfaction in planning and leading a successful tour and providing this opportunity to their young charges. The educational value can extend well beyond the duration of the trip itself once back in the classroom with the returning party feeling inspired and invigorated. Simply put, an overseas group learning experience can be one of the most rewarding aspects of a career in education - so Teachers tell us! Take a look at what they say about us!

Why Overseas? Why France?

Carrying out tasks usually only confined to a classroom in a different environment - for example, speaking and listening to a foreign language - can bring confidence and a sense of achievement to a pupil. Eating different foods at different times in new places enhances life experiences and develops skills. Spending time in different locations with a group of peers away from the established routines of home can lead to enhanced self-awareness and a new level of personal responsibility. Many pupils may discover skills and talents they didn't know they had. In short, overseas trips can be an eye-opener and a confidence-booster.

Whilst school trips now take place in far-flung locations all over the world, France is still a hugely popular destination given its proximity to the UK and the many learning opportunities available. With the recent 70th Anniversary of the Normandy Landings and the focus now turning to the Centenary of the outbreak of The Great War, there are some very obvious reasons for schools to make the trip across the Channel at the moment. And with so many other activities awaiting, there are a mass of further reasons why the journey is ideal for supporting curriculum-based teaching with a different language, rich historical and vibrant cultural experiences to be enjoyed so close to our shores. There has never been a better time to start planning your next school trip to France with Euroculture.

Inspirational Itineraries - Let Euroculture do the Work!

Whatever the aims of your particular school trip, we have the expertise and contacts to make it happen. With nearly fifty years service committed to the youth travel industry, our educational credentials are second to none and you can be confident in us arranging all aspects of the tour itinerary.

As well as the usual headline attractions we are also able to undertake the more complex arrangements that some educational visits may require. We have arranged for several schools to participate in the Last Post Ceremony at the Menin Gate, whilst one Scout group enjoyed tea with a town mayor in Normandy. We have even arranged for a group of Catering & Hospitality students to have a tour of Rungis Market to see and understand how the world's largest food market operates. Where there is a particular speciality or niche requirement, we have the know-how and contacts to make things happen.

Whatever your reason for considering France as the destination for your next school trip, Euroculture is looking forward to helping you build the perfect itinerary for it. Our bespoke packages are tailor-made for you, whatever the design.

Looking for something in particular? Here's a few suggestions...

Whether you have a particular theme or subject in mind or are just planning a more general visit to France, we have produced a few itineraries for various destinations to give you an indication of budget. Each of the programmes have been carefully devised with age-appropriate activities and subject matter.

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