How to Book

Booking your School Trip

All of Euroculture’s school trips are arranged specifically around your requirements. We aim to work with you every step of the way, offering a personal service and flexibility according to your needs.

First Steps – Request a Quotation

To begin with, please check availability and request a quotation from us. The best way to do this is by submitting our Request a Quotation form, or alternatively you can email us at or speak to a member of our team on 01603 300380.

You will need to give us a good idea of your trip including:

* Desired dates and duration

* Anticipated numbers of travelling pupils/students and adults

* Destination (if known) or region

* Desirable excursions and attractions

* Preferences and special requirements

If you wish, you can also give us the full itinerary you wish to follow if you already have this in place.

A Personalised Group Booking Quote With No Obligation

Within two working days, we will check accommodation availability at your desired location, build a sample itinerary based on your dates and requirements and provide you with a free quotation for your trip. Please remember that whilst the prices we quote are for fully inclusive packages, there will be scope for revisions based upon the actual activities booked as part of the final programme for the tour as agreed with you.

Make a Provisional Booking

The quotation we give you is usually valid for 28 days, at which point either a deposit will be required or we will discuss alternative options with you.

If you are happy with our quote, or any revised quote that we make to you, then the next step is to make a provisional booking with us.

At this stage, if you are planning a residential stay, Euroculture will place a hold on the accommodation centre. There is no financial obligation at this point but you will need to confirm approval for the tour with the appropriate School authority (usually the Head) and any external bodies as required locally. This period also gives you time to advertise the trip and begin recruiting the pupils who will travel.

Confirming your Booking

Once the pupils have signed up you will need to confirm your visit with us.  At this stage, a 25% non-refundable deposit is payable (for more details regarding booking conditions etc. please see our Terms & Conditions).  We will then confirm the booking and secure the transport and accommodation. More details of our payment schedule can be found here.

Through this time we will continue to work with you on your precise tour itinerary paying particular attention to timings and visits to museums or other attractions.

Whilst our tours are fully protected against the highly unlikely event of our financial failure, you should ensure that suitable travel insurance is in place for all participants. Please click here for further details of the Endsleigh Insurance scheme especially designed for this type of trip. This ensures that any pupil having to cancel due to valid unforeseen reasons is covered for the payments made.

Final Details

When you have finished recruiting the final tour party, we will need you to provide the list of names of pupils and leaders. Later, we will also ask you for details of any allergies and special dietary requirements. In good time before departure, there will also be the opportunity for your school to decide upon the rooming arrangements – who shares with whom!

We will provide you with our comprehensive ‘Forward Planning and Risk Management’ document and will guide you through any processes necessary to make your trip as smooth as possible. Unlike some other organisations, we take a personal interest in the success of your trip and are available every step along the way to ensure that no detail is missed.