School Trip Transport

School Trip Travel

The majority of school groups will travel by coach.  We know that travel can be tiring, so we will do all we can to keep everyone as fresh and enthusiastic as possible along the way.

Coaching You Through It!

Clearly trips across the Channel are easier for those schools situated in the south of the UK, although schools further north can facilitate the extended journey with an overnight drive – sometime necessitating two drivers on the vehicle. This will add a little to the price, but we think it’s worth it. When planning your trip, the size of the group will also be a major factor in the budget – a full coach will mean the trip is being run as economically as possible. One point to remember about coach costs is that smaller coaches are not much less in price than the main range of 49 to 53-seaters. On the other hand, ‘double-deckers’ with 70-plus seat capacity are a rare commodity and accordingly relatively expensive.

Working in partnership with only a small number of select coach companies depending on the travelling school’s location in the UK, the vehicles we charter are as far as possible Executive Class coaches with WC, drinks facilities, DVD/Video Player, Air Conditioning and Microphone. We will be able to let you know in advance the precise specification so that you can make arrangements to bring some discs or tapes to keep the group entertained en-route.

The coach companies we work in partnership with have modern fleets. Drivers are all DBS checked (formerly CRB) and all safety regulations covering numbers of drivers and drivers’ rest hours are factored in at the itinerary planning stage. The feedback we receive when the schools have returned from their tours are vital for providing us with current information on the comfort of the coach and the suitability of the drivers themselves.

Timings are carefully planned and checked with the trip’s aims and objectives in mind, giving due consideration to the driver’s maximum driving hours and the comfort of the passengers! Smooth running. It is inevitable that on rare occasions there will be unforeseen delays and incidents, whether traffic, inclement weather or even industrial action which can affect travel. If these cannot be anticipated in advance, the group leader’s 24/7 emergency contact with the Euroculture office and our close working relationship with our coach companies means we will be able to take measures to limit the impact to your time in France.

Planes, Trains, and Ferries!

Given the speed of the 35-minute Eurotunnel crossing and direct access to motorways on both sides of The Channel, ‘Le Shuttle’ is the most obvious choice for the majority of UK schools visiting any part of France. If timings necessitate a different approach, or if the school prefers to allow the pupils to experience the excitement of a sea-crossing, then the Cross-Channel Ferries are a great alternative. The most common route will be Dover-Calais, but for some schools from the South-West, the Portsmouth-Caen or Poole-Cherbourg routes can be viable depending on the destination in France.

Most school groups cross the Channel by ferry or Eurotunnel, but where requested we can also organise flights or travel by Eurostar where the School chooses or when prudent and appropriate for budget or timings.

For schools visiting France from the more remote parts of the UK, flights can be arranged with a French coach company booked for local travel. Some of the travel arrangements for schools in the Highlands and Islands involve flights, ferries and two coach legs – so you can be confident that we can handle the most complex of journeys and devise the most appropriate routes for you.

For some schools or older groups, Eurostar may be an option for visiting Lille or Paris, for example. On these occasions, and especially for smaller groups on city breaks, itineraries can be developed using local public transport in order to keep costs down.